• Mission

      Estival Hub is an open-source talent network, providing a convenient tool to foster collaboration between independent artists, producers, and talent buyers.


      Estival Hub seeks to strengthen existing partnerships and develop new collaborative interactions through  cultural events and productions showcasing the network.

    • What is Estival Hub?

      Estival Hub is a curated talent directory, showcasing a network of artists and musicians in the Denver area. It aims to provide a helpful and convenient resource for artists, producers, and talent buyers as a way to foster collaboration and communication between relevant players.


      The ultimate goal of Estival Hub is to harmonize existing creative communities in the Denver area [[ and beyond ]] through the creation of a curated talent network, helping to facilitate the growth of members’ careers in the process. This goal is achieved through our role booking shows throughout the Denver area, with Syntax Physic Opera and DIY venue Lavender Lounge being primary focal points.

    • How do I join?

      Members are selected by Estival Hub’s curation team, but can be invited/referred by existing members.

    • What are the benefits?

      You will be connected to a vibrant and supportive artistic multi-community, one which provides  many avenues to perform live music and collaborate with fellow members. Members receive the benefit of being promoted through social media channels, with weekly/monthly calendars highlighting upcoming member shows.


      As the project grows, Estival Hub aims to become a relevant resource for talent-seekers in the Colorado arts and music scene, providing members with show possibilities beyond existing venue-partnerships.

    • What is the cost?

      Estival Hub is free to use for both members and those seeking to book participants for shows. We will incorporate donations into our model once EH is established, but will remain a free service for the foreseeable future.

    • What is semi-open source?

      Estival Hub operates under a semi-open source model, meaning the events, mission, and operations of the project is an ongoing collaboration between members. It is not fully open-source because only EH members receive this benefit.

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